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Maximized Home Sales

Sell Faster & For More

Improve your home using no upfront money out of pocket, benefiting from our expertise, and, if needed, utilizing our contractor connections. Our team makes homes look their best, so that they can sell faster and for a much higher price. This program works for all homes, especially in the case of an estate sale where the executors don’t have the resources, time and/or money, to make the needed improvements. We do it all for them, and for no extra charge. 

Try Compass Lens to See Your Home’s Potential

Unlock the power of our programs with a photo of your home & the power of Artificial Intelligence. By matching a photo of a room in your home to similar before and after photos, our team can help envision how your home could be transformed, to see how it could improve the sale price. 

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Kitchen & Bathrooms

Usually the most popular, due to the major impact upgrading your home's kitchen and improving or adding bathrooms can have on the sale price and your profits


From cosmetic renovations like flooring and painting, to deep-cleaning, decluttering, and even staging, we transform your home to show it in its best light


Curb appeal is a huge factor in a buyer falling in love with your home at first sight - Why not make sure your landscaping, roofing, exterior paint, fencing, are all up to date?

Creative Uses

The program can even be used for seller-side inspections & evaluations, tennis court repairs, adding custom closets, moving and storage, and more!

This Home Didn't Sell at First... But We Pulled a Miracle!

Here is a true story of a home we recently listed. The house did not sell at first, but we pulled a miracle. Long story short, we spent $17K of our own funds to update the house that was not selling. Then our team sold it in 2 days, with multiple offers, and for $80K more than what it could have sold for before we used our home improvement services. Watch the video here to see the difference our team made.

Our Seller Testimonials & Case Studies

Kitchen & Bathroom

It's no secret that upgrading your kitchen and bathrooms, is a major key for maximizing the value of your home, by bringing new life to these critical rooms.


Your living room, dining room, and bedrooms are all places where a potential buyer is picturing their own personal moments. Keeping a warm, cozy feel while adding elevated touches, is key to giving your house that extra special feeling of home.


Increasing your home's curb appeal is widely known to increase its sale price. Curb appeal is how attractive your home looks when a potential buyer drives up to get their first look at it. Your home deserves to look its best inside and out.

Case Studies

From a case study of a home sale, to 2021 home sales data points, to a full breakdown of projects with the highest Return on Investment, check out these files to get all the details.